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Can I have sex after my embryo transfer?

Many clinics will tell women to refrain from having intercourse after the embryo transfer for up to 48 hours to 2 weeks. This was originally advised because it was thought that the introduction of infection and uterine contractions caused by an orgasm would have a negative impact on implantation and possibly harm the embryo.

There is, however, there is no scientific evidence to prove this is true. Providing you’re sensible, having sex after your embryo transfer will not have any adverse effects on your embryo and it is impossible for it to simple “fall out”.

It is important to abstain if you’re uncomfortable or experiencing discomfort. Some patients do not want to have intercourse after an egg retrieval if they’re feeling sore or bloated from the procedure.

So is it safe to have intercourse after your embryo transfer? The short answer is yes, it is perfectly safe providing you are sensible and you’re not feeling uncomfortable. Your embryo cannot be harmed or “fall out” and studies have shown that there are no adverse effects if you decide to have sex after your embryo transfer.

In fact, there is evidence that seminal fluid contains several growth factors that can help implantation. IVF is a stressful and emotional journey, so it is also very important for couples who are undergoing treatment to maintain their intimacy and not feel concerned that by doing so, there will be a negative impact on their embryo.

If you have any concerns on what you can or cannot do following an embryo transfer, consult your fertility specialist or visit the clinic to talk about it.


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