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Our Fertility Specialists

You will be treated from the very first assessment by a reproductive medicine specialist.

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Fertility First is accredited by NATA and RTAC. We are also a recognised Donor Sperm Bank under NSW legislation.

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Learn about Fertility First's success rates, and why they're more than just numbers.

Why Fertility First is different?

Fertility First is a fertility clinic in Sydney. It is the only Australian fertility clinic that routinely scans for sperm DNA damage in male patients, and explores all treatment options for patients and tries to minimise costs where possible without compromising the chance of conception or quality of care. The results are clear. It’s why our fertility clinic is backed by science, commitment, and care.

1 in 6 couples have difficulty falling pregnant. Our vision is to transform what we know about our biology and reshape the conversation around infertility.

Anne Clark

Medical Director, Fertility First

Are you trying to conceive?

Female Fertility

Information & advice about female fertility and treatment options, including information about PCOS and endometriosis.

Male Fertility

Information & advice about male fertility and treatment options, including information about HBA testing.

Fertility Testing

Planning to start trying to conceive? Fertility First will test and determine the best fertility treatment program for you.

Types of fertility treatments

Donor Sperm

On average Fertility First has 20 to 30 different donors available at any one time. As a result, anyone wishing to access donor sperm can do so with Fertility First.

Donor Eggs

Fertility First provides Australian patients with premium donor eggs treatment at an affordable price.

IVF Treatment

IVF is one our most popular forms of fertility treatment available. With reasonable costs, treatment and testing happens at our Sydney clinic.

Intrauterine Insemination

Fertility First offers IUI and IUDI treatment to patients in the comfort of our boutique Sydney clinic.

Advanced Fertility Treatments

Whether you’re exploring simpler solutions or require more specialised fertility treatments, our team are dedicated to guiding you through your fertility journey.

Counselling & Support

From addressing treatment concerns to navigating grief and decision-making, our experienced counsellors offer personalised support throughout your journey.

Fertility News & Information

Sperm DNA Test

Testing for sperm DNA damage

Fertility First has been testing DNA damage on males for over 15 years and is a contributing factor as to why our pregnancy rates are so positive.

women recivi

$2,000 Fertility Treatment Rebate

The Fertility Treatment Rebate is designed to help with the costs of IVF and other Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatments. Women in NSW who have received an eligible fertility treatment from 1 October 2022, will be able to submit a claim for the $2,000 rebate. Read more..

Fertility First - Our Clinic

Fertility Clinic Sydney

Welcome to Fertility First

At our fertility clinic in Sydney, we adopt a comprehensive approach that prioritises the well-being of our patients. We strive to understand the complete picture and provide personalised care to every individual who seeks our services.

Our team of fertility specialists are deeply committed to our clients. Throughout your journey, you will have a dedicated point of contact who will remain consistent. This support ensures that you receive continuous guidance, can conveniently schedule appointments, plan fertility treatment cycles, and arrange for necessary procedures such as egg collection and transfer in the case of IVF treatment.

Here at Fertility First, we offer flexible availability outside regular hours on weekdays and weekends, acknowledging that the ovaries don’t keep track of weekends and public holidays.

Choose our Sydney fertility clinic for a personalised and committed team to support you along your fertility journey.

FAQ's about Fertility First

As a Doctor-owned Medical Practice, our fertility and IVF treatment costs do not need to cover overheads and/or shareholder dividends, all of which have to come out of the income derived from patients’ treatment cycle fees at other fertility clinics in Sydney.

From the 1st October 2022, the NSW Government announced a rebate of $2,000 in OOP expenses for all eligible patients. Fertility First is pleased to support the NSW Government’s fertility rebate at our Sydney fertility clinic.

Fertility First is privately owned, which means we can place more focus on our patients. We offer a holistic approach to fertility and believe that it’s important to minimise the invasiveness of the fertility testing process and only carry out the necessary investigations, maximising your chance of a successful outcome. We offer extensive preliminary fertility testing, including Halosperm Assay.

We were one of the first Sydney fertility clinics to offer a donor sperm and donor egg program, thanks to our partnership with Central IVF.

Choosing the right fertility clinic in Sydney is a very important decision. You should consider factors like success rates, clinic location and appointment times, fertility treatment costs, repor with the Fertility Specialist and what treatment options are available.

Yes. We offer a range of fertility testing for both males and females. We aim to have fertility test results back within 2 to 3 weeks, which means, unless any assessment of the fallopian tubes is required, fertility treatment options can then be considered.

Yes. Fertility First offers a range of fertility treatments that are suitable for same sex couples and singles, including our donor sperm program. See our fertility treatment page for a full guide.

Yes. In order to assist you with a Medicare rebate for your fertility treatment, you will need a current referral to Fertility First.
Note: GP referrals are valid for 12 months, and specialist referrals are valid for 3 months. 

Yes. IVF treatment is offered to suitable patients after preliminary testing.