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Pregnyl Instructions

The following information is a general guide only. Please follow specific dose and usage instructions from Fertility First nursing staff at the time of treatment. Pregnyl is an injection used as either a trigger OR supporting injections in the luteal phase. Pregnyl should be stored in the original package in a cool, dry place, below 25°C. DO NOT store in the freezer Do not use Pregnyl after the expiry date.

Step 1: Preparation

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly Assemble everything you will need. Find a clean area and lay everything out.
  • alcohol swabs
  • 1x solvent vial (contains the fluid)
  • 1x vial containing the Pregnyl powder
  • 1x syringe
  • 1x 21G (green) needle for reconstitution
  • 1x 27G (grey) needle for subcutaneous injection

Step 2: Draw up and mixing

Remove the hard, plastic cap on the solvent vial. Using the 21G (green) needle, draw back 1ml of air into the syringe and inject the air into the vial containing the liquid. Draw up all the liquid. Slowly inject the liquid into the vial containing the powder (after first removing the protective cap). Gently swirl without removing the syringe and wait until the powder to dissolves (the powder should dissolve instantly). Do not shake the vial. Draw up all the solution. You should have 1ml in the syringe.

Step 3: Injection

Pregnyl is given as a subcutaneous injection (under your skin) in the lower abdominal area or thigh. Change the needle to the 27G (grey) needle. Clean the injection area with an alcohol swab. Pinch a fold of skin between your thumb and forefinger and insert the needle fully at a 90° angle of the syringe Keep the needle in the skin for 10 seconds after injecting and then withdraw the needle and discard immediately into your sharps container.

Common questions:

Q: What should I do if there is a large bubble in the solution? A: If any bubbles are present in the syringe, hold the syringe vertically with the needle pointing upwards and gently tap on the syringe until the air collects at the top. Gently push the plunger until the air bubbles are gone. Please be advised that when in doubt or if you have any questions or concerns, it is always best to contact the Nurses at the clinic and speak to them directly. Please note that the after-hours number is strictly reserved for emergencies only.

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