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Our Success Rates

50% of patients who present to Fertility First will conceive on their own or with simpler easier treatments than IVF as result of the comprehensive screening that is done of all factors that impact on a couple’s chance of conceiving.

In relation to IVF treatments

  • 99% of patients who start an IVF cycle will have an egg collection, compared to the average of a 10% or higher cancellation rate (so less than 90% who start IVF go to egg collection).
  • More than 60% of couples will have excess embryos that can be frozen for future treatment cycles.
  • Australian fertility statistics have shown that 90% of women under 40 and 80% women over 40 will have a baby if they continue treatment.
  • Women up to 48 years have had babies with Fertility First using their own eggs. Attention to correcting the impact of age on their partner’s sperm and other fertility factors assist in making this possible.

For every patient, our team at Fertility First will provide the highest quality of care through science, compassion and commitment.