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Pregnancy and Planning

The cause of infertility will determine which fertility treatment program you embark on. The type of program will affect your chances of pregnancy, as do a number of other factors including age and, if IVF occurs, the quality and number of the embryos replaced.

On average our pregnancy rates range from 15-50% per treatment cycle, depending on the type of treatment, unless a woman is above the age of 38 years, in which case they are lower.

This pregnancy rate may not seem as high as expected, but it is important to remember that humans are not particularly fertile as a species. If a couple with healthy fertility has intercourse at the time of ovulation, they still only have a 15-20% chance of having a pregnancy each monthly cycle.

The basic reason why many embryos fail to continue to grow has been investigated and researched for a number of years. Not all the reasons are yet understood, but genetic studies have indicated that shortly after fertilisation, a number of embryos contain significant errors in the information that they use to control their early growth and development. As a general rule, the number of embryos with errors increases with the increasing ages of the couple. IVF cannot change the quality of your eggs or sperm but attention to lifestyle factors can.

We include a regular review process in our treatment programs, so that if a treatment cycle is not successful, we assess the need to modify your next treatment cycle to improve your chances of success.

If a pregnancy has not occurred after 2 to 4 treatment cycles, will have a consultation with you to discuss future options.