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What can I do after an embryo transfer?

Having an embryo transferred back is a fairly simple procedure, and typically isn’t one that needs you to do anything dramatically different from your day-to-day. However, there are some things worth being aware of, including the following.

  • You can go to the bathroom and empty your bladder – the embryo is not going to fall out, for peace of mind, imagine the little embryo is a poppyseed and your uterus is made up of two slices of bread, smothered in jam.
  • If you’re an active person, keep your heart rate below 120-130 beats per minute and refrain from any high intensity exercise after your embryo transfer. You can go about your normal daily activities and walk around as you would normally.
  • Avoid any excessive temperatures that could cause your body temperature to increase such as hot baths and saunas.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking
  • Be kind to yourself – entering the 2 week wait can be a very frustrating and highly emotional part of your fertility treatment. At this point, the only one who knows what’s happening is the little embryo. It is therefore essential to look after yourself during this time and if required, seek the help and support from people around you or our counsellors at Fertility First.

For more information on how to cope during your 2 week wait, check out our page for helpful tips on how to survive.