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What is it safe to do after an embryo transfer?

It can seem like an embryo is a remarkably fragile thing, because when you think about it, this tiny bubble of life is carrying all the genetic material capable of producing a little human.

That can make us a little reluctant to get on with our lives, and to worry about what’s going on after the transferral procedure, taking steps that may or may not be completely necessary.

So what is it safe to do after an embryo transfer?

The good news is that after your embryo transfer, it’s perfectly safe to go about your normal daily routine. Enjoy a cup of tea, do some work, and generally live your life the way you would otherwise.

There are some caveats, however, and these include avoiding any heavy lifting, skipping hot baths, saunas and steam rooms, and if you’re taking part in an exercise program, keep your heart rate below 120 beats per minute.

Or to put it simply, live your life, but take it easy. When in doubt, please contact our nursing team or ask your fertility specialist.