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Useful Links

There is a vast amount of fertility information available on the Internet. The principal difficulty is that it has not been subjected to peer review in many cases. Therefore, people can propose theories and give advice on subjects for which there is no reliable evidence. Therefore, be cautious in assessing some of the claims and treatments you might read about. We recommend the following web sites as having soundly based data available for your information or they will give you links to others who experience the same problems.



This is the site for Australia’s national patient support group (see Support Groups). It provides a fantastic service and is constantly lobbying on your behalf with state and Federal legislators. It’s founder, Sandra Dill, was awarded an Order of Australia for her work and commitment in this area



This is a site that gives quality information on men’s reproductive health. Established in 1999 with funding from the Australian Government the aim is to answer questions and improve knowledge and education about male fertility issues, impotence and reproductive tract cancers. Newsletters and information sheets can be downloaded.



This is our own website. Have a look and give us any suggestions of things you think we should add.



Australian Infertility Support Group


International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination (INCID)



This is a great information and support site for women with polycystic ovaries. It gives information about polycystic ovaries and access to internet chat and support groups. They also give you contacts within and outside Australia.



This is the World Endometriosis Society web site.



This is an international site that supplies recipes for fat free cooking.



www.sandsvic.org.au/ www.inciid.org/links.html#miscarriage

These sites offer miscarriage support and information.