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What is one of the most common causes of male infertility?

Almost a third of fertility problems can be attributed to male factor and the most common causes of fertility issues with men range from sperm quality and quantity to problems relating to the delivery of the sperm such as the absence of the vas deferens and ejaculatory duct obstruction.

Other issues that are quite common also include varicocele, previous vasectomy, and erectile dysfunction, all quite common and important factors that can significantly impact male fertility.

Sperm quality is a problem that is often overlooked, yet it plays an equally important role in IVF success rates, which is why Fertility First believes the male partners and sperm donors should be given as much attention as the female.

Fertility First has recognised the importance of sperm health and genetic integrity when it comes to fertility and healthy pregnancies and have been performing tests to analyse sperm DNA damage in patients for over 15 years.