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Tips for surviving Father’s Day

Men are often left out of the equation when it comes to infertility. We will typically associate fertility issues with being the female’s problem, however, male infertility will account for 50% of all infertilities.

Past studies have shown that male infertility can have a negative impact on mental health and given the traditional childhood conditioning of “men don’t cry” or the “weakness of talking about feelings”, problems involving fertility can bring about intense feelings of depression, anger, shame and anxiety.

Father’s Day is a time of the year that can be difficult for men suffering from infertility and at Fertility First, we recognise the importance of being able to provide support and compassion to our male patients.

Here, we offer some suggestions and strategies that can potentially help you cope during this challenging time.

    1. Maintain a good relationship with your partner
      Know that you are not experiencing this alone and together you will become a stronger unit and be able to provide more support for one another. No one will understand you better than your partner and as you will be there for her, she will be there for you. Communication is a huge key to this, don’t be afraid to talk to her about how you’re feeling.


    1. Find a distraction
      Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid this time of the year and similarly with Mother’s Day, helping yourself reclaim a sense of control may simply involve doing what you want for the day, such as going on a bushwalk, opening a bottle of wine and watching Netflix all day, or sweating it out at the gym.


  1. Have your own back
    This can be in the form of seeking strength through a support group, whether it be support group designed for men suffering from infertility, a counselling service offered by our clinic, or simply finding a support network through friends and close family who you know you can talk to and vent any frustration to.


For more tips and advice, consider making an appointment to speak to one of Fertility First’s counsellors. Alternatively, for more information and advice about infertility, and the availability of support services, check out Access Australia.