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Research shows the Covid-19 vaccine does not impact female fertility

A study released by the American Society for reproductive Medicine (ASRM) has revealed that the antibodies from the Covid-19 vaccination do not impact female fertility.

The research showed that there was no statistical difference between the rates of embryo implantation between women who had the Covid-19 antibodies and those that did not. This is incredibly reassuring for individuals worldwide who are looking at starting a family or planning to undergo fertility treatment.

There has been much hesitation amongst women of reproductive age who are considering starting a family in the midst of this ongoing pandemic and due to much misinformation spread across social media platforms, many have been concerned that the vaccine will cause sterility.

This study has revealed that this is not the case. Not only is this incredibly reassuring for women worldwide who are wanting to start a family, but that vaccines are safe with no short or long term effects on fertility.