There are many natural options to improve your chances of falling pregnant.

At Fertility First, we believe that it’s important to minimise the invasiveness of the testing process and only carry out the necessary investigations, maximising your chance of a successful outcome.

Through our holistic and individualised approach, we take into consideration any lifestyle and environmental factors that may be affecting your fertility, and work with you to modify these. Various factors include Vitamin D deficiency, folate vs. 5-MTHF, insulin levels, weight, alcohol and smoking.

In general, both women and men can improve the chance of conceiving through a number of common lifestyle modifications. These include:


  • Improving your diet, eating less saturated fat and more fibre
  • Limiting intake of alcohol and caffeinated beverages
  • Quitting smoking
  • Avoiding recreational drug use
  • Checking with your fertility specialist that any medications you are taking will not adversely affect fertility
  • Not wearing tight fitting underwear
  • Avoiding regular use of hot tubs, saunas and electric blankets
  • Avoiding environmental chemicals such as lead, pesticides and organic solvents, or wear appropriate protective clothing.