Boxers or briefs?

A new study from Harvard has revealed that your sperm count can be affected by the type of underwear you wear.

It has been long thought that men who wear tighter underwear tended to have lower sperm counts than the guys who wear boxers, and now a cross-sectional study of 656 male participants has confirmed this.

A recent study released at the ESHRE conference revealed that 53 percent of the male participants typically wore boxers and had a sperm concentration on average 25 percent higher than those who wore jockeys or briefs. In addition to this, men who wore looser fitting underwear had a sperm count that was also 17 percent higher than average with increased motility.

Previous research had revealed that increased scrotal temperatures was directly related to reduced testicular function and poorer sperm quality. Wearing briefs can raise the temperature of the scrotum, which can consequently lower the sperm count and reduce the quality of the sperm.

However, these factors are hardly the deciding factors when trying to source the root of the problem, and as always, it’s suggested that patients undergoing fertility treatment talk to their specialist to determine how they best treat their individual circumstances.


Nic Stark

Nic Stark is Fertility First's Senior Research Embryologist. She holds a Masters of Reproductive Health Sciences and Human Genetics, a Bachelor in Medical Science, and is completing her PhD in Medicine (Reproductive Physiology). She has been an embryologist for over 15 years.

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