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Early trials suggest COVID-19 vaccine has no impact on sperm

Another reassuring statement during this uncertain time: the President of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Dr Hugh Taylor, has released a statement that the COVID-19 vaccine does not impact the health or reproductive potential of sperm.

One of the reasons why people may hesitate to receive the COVID-19 vaccine is the potential negative impact it may have on fertility as reproductive toxicity was not initially evaluated during the early clinical trials.

A recent study released this month has assessed the sperm parameters before and after the mRNA vaccine administration and has shown that after two doses of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, there was no significant impact.

While these are preliminary findings and obviously there is much more to the COVID-19 virus we have yet to learn, the study’s timeframe includes the full lifecycle of the sperm and is a piece of reassuring news for patients looking to fall pregnant.