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Can an embryo fall out?

Transferring a fertilised embryo is a complicated process handled by experienced scientists, and that means some questions are a little harder to ask about. Fortunately, Fertility First is always happy to help its patients understand the process and any questions that arise.

One of the more unusual questions concerns what happens after the embryo has been transferred. For instance, if you stand up, can the embryo fall out?

To put it simply, no, the embryo cannot “fall out”.

The uterus is a muscular organ, which means that it will naturally stay contracted. Fertility First’s nurses will make sure your uterine lining is quite thick before your transfer to create a thick, sticky environment for your embryo.

Once the embryo has been transferred back into your uterus, it will not have room to move freely or “fall out”.

When your embryo is placed between the uterine walls and the muscle contracts, it creates a protected environment for your embryo to eventually bury itself deep within your thick uterine lining and begin to grow.

You could stand, sit, or go for a nice walk, and there’s no risk that the little embryo inside of you is at risk of falling out. It’s highly recommended that you go about your regular routine after the transfer, and studies have shown that it’s actually better for the implantation, increasing the chances for a successful pregnancy.

Continue your regular day, and let science and nature take their course.

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