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Sperm donors

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Fertility First has been very fortunate to have a consistent supply of donor sperm immediately available for the past 15 years so we are very experienced in this area. We recognised early on the need to only use donors who were prepared to have their identity disclosed and that there was an appropriate choice of donors available. On average Fertility First has 40 to 50 different donors available at any one time.

As a result, anyone wishing to access donor sperm will not need to go on a waiting list or have any waiting time for sperm when they are ready for treatment. They also have the choice of intrauterine insemination as well as IVF, depending on their medical circumstances.

In addition, patients only need to purchase sperm as they need it, i.e. if a pregnancy occurs in the first treatment cycle then only one straw needs to be bought. There is no need to outlay the cost of a number of straws at the beginning of treatment that are unlikely to be needed. Once a pregnancy has been confirmed then more sperm can dedicated to the woman/couple for a future pregnancy.


Each year thousands of Australians seek medical advice because of their inability to conceive. At least 15% of couples will experience some degree of infertility, with all its accompanying feelings and frustrations.

For some of these couples, using donated sperm may be their chance of achieving pregnancy.

Each year about 4% of all children born in Australia are the result of Artificial Reproductive Technology, including Donor Insemination.

Providing donor sperm is the most precious gift of all to the recipient women – from this they can have a child which would have been impossible otherwise.


There are many benefits to becoming a sperm donor, the most important is knowing that you have helped create a life and in doing so have made someone’s dream come true. Apart from the warm fuzzies though you will also receive;

  • A general health check – including bloods & sexual health results
  • A fertility assessment – find out now how fertile you are
  • Reimbursement for the time and expenses you may incur providing the sperm donation



We thought you might have a few questions so we have developed a website specifically about the topic. It’s called Donate Don’t Waste. Each section will outline a little bit more about the process. We have also added a bunch of answers to the frequently asked questions section.

To find out more about becoming a sperm donor please call our team on 02 9586 3311 or visit


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