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Coping with Father’s Day

We have spoken before about the difficulties that women can face when confronted by a day such as Mother’s Day. It can be especially difficult if you have lost someone in your life and just as painful if you are struggling with infertility and not yet a mother yourself.

This can be just as painful for men as Father’s Day begins to approach.

Due to factors such as social norms and general upbringing, men can sometimes feel they are required to simply “man up” or “pull your socks up”, even more so if they have a partner undergoing treatment.
Often enough, the male partner can feel left out of the process while the main focus shifts to the female, who is injecting herself with countless needles, suffering from hormonal rollercoasters and a lot of the time, the pressure falls on the man’s shoulders to help with support, encouragement, optimism and at times, to keep the relationship afloat.

Father’s Day is a time of the year that can be difficult for men who are faced with infertility, and at Fertility First, we recognise the importance of being able to provide compassion and support for our male patients.

Although we cannot simply fast forward through these days, we can offer some suggestions that may help you cope during what may be a difficult time.