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Can Wi-Fi devices affect male fertility?

A recent study has revealed that yes, Wi-Fi devices may affect male fertility.

Researchers presented their findings at the annual ASPIRE (Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction) conference in Hong Kong last week and looked at the effect of electromagnetic waves from Wi-Fi devices on male fertility.

The study looked at sperm taken from men who were not exposed to electromagnetic waves from Wi-Fi devices, men whose sperm was protected by small Wi-Fi shields that intercepts the waves, and from men who were exposed to the electromagnetic waves.

The results from the three groups showed that after 24 hours of electromagnetic exposure, the exposed group had a significantly higher rate of dead sperm compared to the group that had no exposure and the group that was shielded from the waves. The results also showed significantly reduced sperm motility in the group exposed to the electromagnetic waves.

Although the sample size of the study was quite small and more research needs to be done, the results are quite concerning given we live in a society that depends quite heavily on Wi-Fi connection and mobile phones. More concerning is the fact that the study showed that the longer the exposure the higher the risk for detrimental effects on a man’s fertility.