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Will getting covid impact my fertility?

We have written numerous times about the Covid-19 vaccine and fertility in an effort to try to ease the minds of our patients and future patients who are experiencing vaccine hesitancy from the misinformation circulating on social media.

We know that both men and women are experiencing “long covid”, the most common symptoms being shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, fatigue, joint and chest pain, loss of taste and smell, dizziness, and memory and concentration problems. There have also been reports that due to the severity of the virus, long term organ damage including the heart, lungs and brain can be affected.

But what about the actual virus itself? Does the covid-19 virus cause infertility?

Studies have shown that men are experiencing reduced semen parameters and erectile dysfunction.

The virus has a negative impact on the vascular system, effecting the blood flow to the heart. When the blood flow to the heart becomes blocked or narrowed it can affect the blood supply to organs including the penis and as a result, cause erectile dysfunction.

Testicular damage has also been reported in healthy young men who have been exposed to the virus, with scientists still trying to confirm whether the damage is temporary or permanent.

Additionally, it has been well documented that sexual health is also directly linked to mental health with the stress and anxiety caused by the virus has shown to be strongly linked to sexual dysfunction in men.