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What is involved with an embryo transfer?

An embryo transfer is very similar to having an IUI treatment or a pap test performed. It is essentially uncomplicated, simple and does not require readmission to theatre. On the day of your embryo transfer:

  • Arrive at the clinic reception with your Fertility First Matcher card.
  • DO NOT wear any strong-smelling deodorants or perfumes or anything that may contain strong fragrances as these are highly toxic to the embryo while it’s outside the body.
  • Please have a full bladder on your arrival – we suggest drinking 2-3 glasses of water 30min before your transfer.
  • If you have young children, please arrange childcare ahead of time or bring a responsible adult to look after them during the procedure.

After the embryo transfer procedure it is perfectly safe to go to the toilet and walk around, in fact it is encouraged for women who have had an embryo transfer to stand up straight afterwards and continue with their normal activities. Studies have shown that bed rest after an embryo transfer is not only unnecessary, but it’s possible it also can have a detrimental effect.