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Vitamin D in the time of Covid-19

Fertility First has recognised the importance of the “sunshine” nutrient, vitamin D, not only in our female patients, but also our male patients for over 10 years. Our clinic routinely tests vitamin D levels as part of our preliminary assessment and treatment programs for all our patients.

Recent studies show that the benefits of having sufficient levels of vitamin D don’t simply stop at fertility. Rather, it appears to regulate “innate and adaptive immunity” in ways that will help to reduce the viral load of patients exposed to COVID-19.

A study just released has provided strong evidence that shows that by having sufficient levels of vitamin D, complications associated with COVID-19 can be reduced by up to 54% as well as morbidity rates. The study found that out of the 235 patients who were hospitalised with COVID-19 infection, those with vitamin D levels of 30ng/ml had a significantly lower severity of symptoms. The study suggested that vitamin D sufficiency may in fact help to modulate the body’s immune response to viral infections.

During these unprecedented times where we are constantly facing days or weeks of self-isolation and lockdowns, limited exposure to natural sunlight may result in a significant portion of the population become vitamin-D deficient and as a result, may place them in a higher risk category.

It is important, more than ever at the moment to ensure you are remaining healthy and looking after yourself. It is difficult when faced with long periods of self-isolation, however, you can help boost your vitamin-D levels through your diet and supplements at your local pharmacy.

It is important, however, to note that like with every vitamin, taking too much can limit the benefits and possibly cause more harm than good.

For expert guidance and information on dosage, we would suggest contacting your fertility specialist.