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Is physical activity safe after an embryo transfer?

One of the most common questions we hear from our patients is: “is physical activity safe after an embryo transfer?”

When your Fertility Specialist performs the embryo transfer, the embryo or embryos are transferred up into your uterus in a small amount of culture media. Now if you imagine the walls of your uterus are two slices of bread with jam and your little embryo is a poppyseed, you can imagine that it will have a lot of trouble falling out after the transfer.

However it’s a very common concern patients have, and it’s only natural to feel guarded after your transfer. We’ve written about this topic previously to provide reassurance to our patients that bedrest is not necessary, and  we know that many of our patients don’t have the luxury of being able to lie down and relax after an embryo transfer, and reading such recommendations on Google not only spreads misinformation, but it also adds to the already mounting levels of stress.

A recent study published in January this year will hopefully put a lot of minds at ease all the same. Researchers from Tel Aviv University in Israel began a study using an activity tracker to assess whether physical activity after embryo transfers had a detrimental effect on pregnancy rates. The results were reassuring, revealing that there was no adverse effect on pregnancy rates in women who resumed regular activity after their transfer.

This study represents the first quantitative objective assessment that shows the association between pregnancy rates following an embryo transfer and physical activity, and is more evidence some patients may need to help ensure them that living a normal life and going about normal daily activities after an embryo transfer is perfectly safe.