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5 healthy habits to help your fertility

With a new year comes a renewed sense of diet and lifestyle goals, and these could just give you the push to get pregnant. What habits should you consider if you’re planning to fall pregnant? 

Eat your nuts to help improve your fertility

Mixed nuts are a popular snack served during the holiday period, so consider taking the opportunity to treat yourself while also consuming foods that can help your chances of conceiving.

Gobble up some turkey!

Turkey is an excellent source of zinc, which has been linked to hormonal function and sperm physiology, as well as iron, which is beneficial, as well.

Add some beets to your roast veggies or salad

Beetroot has shown to help improve blood flow to sexual organs in addition to supporting a healthy uterus for embryo implantation, making it just that much easier to indulge in a beetroot salad.

Go easy on the alcohol

Alcohol intake has been linked to increased DNA fragmentation in sperm and reduced oocyte quality, however there are still ways you could enjoy a family friendly tipple without the additional concern of it affecting fertility.

Seafood is your friend

If you’re thinking of making a change in your diet this year, you may want to consider fish, with a decent amount of it, with links between fertility and seafood.