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Mouse sperm that went into space

In early May, Japanese researchers used a sample of freeze dried mouse sperm which had spent 9 months aboard an international space station to produce

How smoking can affect your fertility

There have been numerous to show the detrimental effect smoking has on fertility. These effects range from damage to the blood vessels in the penis

3D images of sperm binding to an egg

Researchers in Sweden have captured the first 3D images of a sperm protein attached to an egg coat protein at the beginning of fertilisation. This

How E-Cigarettes affect your fertility

It is well known that cigarettes can damage men’s fertility through DNA damage to the sperm, however the use of electronic cigarettes have been found

Toddlers born through IVF are more developed

Studies performed at the University of Oxford have revealed that children born via artificial conception had significantly higher cognitive skills than naturally conceived children at

Why female fertility fades as you age

A new study from the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre has found that a chromosomal defect could be the cause behind fertility problems in